Pizza Hut

As the French like to say, “C’est magnifique!”. Well that was not my reaction at first because I swear, to be completely honest pizza wasn’t something I exactly liked at first. It is so if you don’t have a great appetite and when your mom happens to scare you with words like “fattening” and “unhealthy”. She also used to tell me “It’s worth more than it gives”.

I think my love for pizza happened when I entered a restaurant with a name written with a bit of a calligraphic touch and cute hat as it’s main design. The main reason I started loving them was that PHD showed love to customers and the food they made. Their attitude and words reflected in their food. They are among the few brands who do exactly what they show.

Technically the main reason why we love Pizza Hut is that they make pizza in a way that suits the taste buds of a lot of people. Those of us who’ve been to Italy, namely me know it better. Pizza Hut cannot just be the best in my city or any city, we all know that. Nonetheless it is the best in Kolkata. If Starbucks was there in our city, CCD would have a hard time. Speaking of that, now we come to Dominos which is it’s best rival.

Dominos makes it a little too crispy while Pizza hut does it perfectly. To find the difference between these two stalwarts, you have to go a bit deep. According to casual surveys, one will find that PHD ranks better in things like customer service and people like their pan pizza a lot better. They have no qualms about giving something on the house on someone’s birthday. These are among a couple.

However the main difference is Pizza Hut is able to give something extra in their pizzas, it’s not really a problem with cooking as such, when I eat Dominos on my birthday I feel great because I had good food and also great pizza but when I eat PHD I feel special. I can feel the love used to give that perfect softness and taste with my teeth.

The main thing we look for is good food, but when we eat food which also has goodness, that hypnotizes us completely. It’s not just food, It’s love inside a box.


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