College Canteens: A Critique

In our world there are millions of things to give our attention to but at the end of the day if we are talking rationally then we limit it to eating, sleeping, and breathing. To be frank, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing, but it is very hard to do when you are forced to live in a very uncivilized situation. Not to be harsh or anything but it’s hard for a foodie to stay in a place where there’s neither variety nor quality. This little food review is going to be quite sour so hope you have some sweets ready.

As you can very well guess, this particular individual has had a decent level of experience in the art of eating good food. Some of us are literally such that when we love eating a lot or especially if we love digging into a particular food, we eat pretty fast. We never forget to chew, we just forget to chew properly. However this is hard to do when the canteen guy tries to play a practical joke on you. It is a joke trust me, when the cooks take dishes from all over the universe and literally play a game of “Who can make it the worst?”. I swear! Some of us clueless individuals who don’t know shit about cooking feel like if we try cooking with our eyes closed, we’d make that jeera rice better than that cook’s mother thought she could ever make. That’s how gracious they in making it taste horrible. No more. No less.

Okay let’s take a minute to talk about how cuisine works. You either give good varieties of cuisines or give many options that come under the same cuisine . What you do not do is take every variety from all over the city, and slowly strangle the living daylights out of it. Out of sheer grief and hunger we give you our college canteen where the rice is “fride” and the kheer tastes like the syrup you had for digestion when you were a kid.

Literally and quite honestly the only good thing about this place mi amigos is the fact the food is served to make your tongue taste summer first and the food second.

M.R.C Canteen serves us food with the most unique names as well. When I hear “Alu Flower” I do get very curious I’ll give you that. The one thing many people did not expect is that they would take the Russian salad and make it into something that will make Russians want to make us into a salad.

It’s a very bad stereotype created that college canteens in india will have bad food. It’s true because like every stereotype it’s just been continuously replicated without fail. Once you change and mend what’s been done wrong it ceases to be a problem. It is a simple fact that necessity comes first, your reasons come second. Especially when you’re running institutions and your treasury is quite full. I think trying to make profits should not come at the cost of the student’s needs. They come first especially when they are paying you to give them an equal amount of benefit.

It just goes to show materialism and selfishness hit us everywhere, with wishes of payment while depriving the consumers of as much as possible.


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